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I bought these on September-ish. The delivery was fast (1-2weeks) but I waited a month to give you guys my experience on how these products are! I bought the panties too and I just can say they are so awesome! Even the panties period dont leak or anything and I'm just in awe! Totally recommended !


I love these. They are breathable, absorbent, and comfy.I cannot wear tampons, at all for a few reasons so i have to use pads and by the end of my period every month im irritated and have a bad rash/ yeast infection. This time i didn't have any of that. You don't notice them, they don't hold smell and you can wear it all day. Love love love


Absolutely love these! First time trying reusable cloth pads and I'm never going back to disposables. These are SO comfy, I forget that I'm even on my period!! The popper to hold them in place is hardly noticeable and causes no issues whatsoever. I purchased the 6 pack (size long to avoid any leaks) which comes with a free wet bag. Perfect for days out/in the office. I only have to use 2-3 a day because they're SO absorbent (medium flow).

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