EcoPads - Starter Pack (1S + 1M + 1L + free wet bag)

EcoPads - Starter Pack (1S + 1M + 1L + free wet bag)

EcoPads - Starter Pack (1S + 1M + 1L + free wet bag)

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 Say goodbye to DISPOSABLE SANITARY PADS full of chemicals and plastics harmful to your health and the planet.

Introducing EcoPads.
The BEST SELLING cloth pad in the world.

Would you like to save money and have a healthier period?

Then EcoPad is the perfect product for you.

Made from natural bamboo and microfiber.

  • Unrivalled comfort
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Easily washable
  • Waterproof and leak-proof
  • Neutralizes odours
  • Perfect for sensitive skin


If you have a super heavy flow, you can buy our Extra Large Pack. CLICK HERE!

Your periods will be no longer be uncomfortable or unhealthy.

EcoPads last at least 5 years, so buy now to stop wasting money and polluting the environment today!


Get our EcoPads Starter Pack (1S + 1M + 1L ), enjoy a FREE Wet Bag and SAVE 50%!!!





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We're confident that we design and sell the very best products for your period, and we want you to share our confidence! That's why we back every sale with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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Soak your EcoPad in cold water with a little bit of soap before either hand washing or using a washing machine.

There are 3 different sizes: S for light flows, M for medium flows and L for heavy flows.

EcoPads are made with Bamboo Charcoal to neutralise any embarrassing smells.

The design of EcoPads is super simple: button it around your underwear to hold it in place. Refer to our instructional image above for more details.

EcoPads are made with 2 layers of an ultra-absorbent microfibre, meaning they absorb more than 4x that a disposable sanitary pad.

1S + 1M + 1L EcoPads + Free Wet Bag

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